Last week, I was feeling sweaty, stifled, and over-stimulated by Seoul. I had been sick for two weeks, and the short bursts of time I spent outside my apartment drove me into sensory overload and total exhaustion. Don’t get me wrong, I love my city. But Seoul was starting to suffocate me, and I needed some space. On Wednesday, I decided it was time for an overdue beach trip. I booked my train tickets to Busan (on the southern coast) and spent the rest of the week trying NOT to do the usual thing and stress about schedules, plans, itineraries… The only thing I planned was plenty of time for R&R.

And R&R is just what I got. Busan was laid-back, breezy, cool, and fresh—I felt the difference the moment I left the train station. I spent my time there doing what I felt in the moment, not worrying about trying to cram the full Busan tour into two days. And even at my leisurely pace, I still managed to see a lot: Taejongdae Park, dinosaur footprints in oceanside cliffs, the Oryuk islets, lighthouses, Dongbaek Island, Haeundae Beach, a little bit of Dalmaji Hill, and Gwangan Bridge all lit up at night. Whew! I know it doesn’t sound refreshing and restful, but it really was. Everyone, go go go to Busan! It’s super great.

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  1. Liz says:

    Ok I am kinda impressed at everything that you managed to cram in to your visit to Busan. Every time I visit it usually consists of Haeundae Beach, mexican food hole in the wall, and the UN Cemetery. Mmmm mexican food at the hole in the wall sooooo good. Though my idea of a good time in Busan is being lazy and enjoying sunshine, coconut drinks, and finding the perfect love motel. Get better soon yeah.

    love xxoo

  2. Oooh, that hole-in-the-wall Mexican does sound good! Might have to get some more info on that before my next trip to Busan. ;) And thanks! I’m starting to feel a lot better. I hope all is well in NZ and that school isn’t wearing you out too much!

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