And the very special reason I went to Daejeon was… to adopt a dog! Yes, I haven’t posted this week because I’ve been busy taking care of this sweet two-year-old mutt I rescued from the Daejeon City Animal Shelter. She’s quite small, very gentle, and curious but cautious. At the shelter, they called her 사슴 (Saseum), meaning “deer.” It really does suit her personality, but it doesn’t speak to her playful and spunky side (she is always smiling, even in her sleep!). I renamed her 빙수 (Bingsoo), like the shaved ice dessert, because she is so sweet (and it sounds cute!). Here are some Instagram photos.

When I tell Koreans her name, they always laugh. I’d probably laugh, too, if I heard a foreigner name their dog “Yogurt” or “Ice Cream” or some other frozen treat. But I stand by my choice! Bingsoo is a winner. (For more Bingsoo, check my Instagram feed!)

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