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It’s been several months since I went to Heyri Art Village, but I’ve just gotten around to developing the film. When I went on this little excursion, I was still so snap-happy with my new/old Yashica that I didn’t even take my digital camera, so I had no idea what the photos looked like until I picked them up yesterday. I like the juxtaposition of modern architecture through a vintage lens. It makes Heyri look like a chic ’70s secret utopian commune.

Heyri is actually a budding community of artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, chefs, and other creative types about 45 minutes north of Seoul, fairly near the DMZ. (Heyri also neighbors Paju Book City, a publishing hub.) The village, which is still under construction, follows a strict design scheme. There is even a list of approved architects, and the buildings are carefully planned to complement their natural surroundings. It is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in Korea, almost dream-like. It’s a far cry from the all-cement, characterless facade of the city (Seoul, ILU but not for your looks).

Not only is Heyri aesthetically appealing, but it also has plenty of charming attractions — my favorites are the Camerata Music Hall (a stunning cafe/space with huge booming speakers that play any classical LP you request; no talking allowed), the Currency Museum (who knew money could be so beautiful), and the Museum of Musical Instruments of the World (you can try playing many of them!). My friend Sonja wrote a wonderful guide to Heyri for Seoulist, and I recommend checking it out if you’re considering visiting (or if you just want to see more photos of Heyri).

This beautiful spring weather (finally!) has inspired me to dust off my camera(s) (and my sneakers) and get back out there exploring. Expect lots more in the coming weeks. La la laaaa! Spriiiing!



Here come the last of the Thailand archives. Thai Memories, the sequel. I spent just one day in Bangkok, a place I can only describe as nasty-beautiful. I can’t think of another city that can rival Bangkok in number of temples (SO MANY TEMPLES) or in number of sex workers. Simultaneous world capital of piety and kink. And possibly color. BKK, smutty rainbow of devotion. (Sorry guys, no pingpong photos here. Just a whole lotta wats.)

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I read somewhere that regularly recalling precious memories helps keep them crystallized and vivid so you’ll never lose them. It’s been over three months since I returned from Thailand, but I still think about it every day. Those closest to me have heard all the stories (probably too many times), so I’ll just share some photos. For the purpose of preservation, I present my week on the Andaman Sea:

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