I had a few exposures left at the end of my last roll, so I took some photos around my apartment. I still have trouble figuring out when the film has rewound, and I almost always (like in this case) open up the back and ruin the last few shots before I get it right. Please excuse the light leaks and poorly exposed spots!

Behind my apartment there’s a nice little park and shaded walking path. In the middle is some kind of municipal building (I can’t tell exactly what it’s for) with beautiful vine-covered walls and a nice rooftop garden. I wonder if I’m allowed up there?

Bingsoo is always doing cute things, but she is impossible to photograph! Whenever she does something amusing, I have to watch out of the corner of my eye and pretend not to see. If she notices me looking at her, she’ll just run over and sit in my lap. And if I point a camera at her, she definitely notices.

Her favorite spot is in the bay window. She watches the world below until she gets too sleepy and snoozes in the sunlight. So precious.

With my north-facing window, the light is pretty even and mild all day. And since it looks just a hint to the west, sunset is especially nice. As the sun hits the glass buildings across the way, they glitter pink and gold. The one in the last photo is my favorite–for a few minutes each evening, the normally drab highrise sparkles iridescent.

It is nice to be at home. Such a homebody.

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