It’s that time of year again. Just after the cherry blossoms have all died, the roses start to take over the city. Even though these wild rose bushes are all over the place, I still stop and admire each one I see. (If I’m walking Bingsoo, I hold her up so she can smell them, too.) Did you know most species of roses originated in Asia?

I recently watched The Girl on a Motorcycle (La motocyclette), and there is a beautiful scene where Rebecca (Marianne Faithfull, most gorgeous ever) is plucking the petals from a rose and throwing them at her lover while she lists the reasons why she hates him. It’s one of the many stirring images that has been stuck in my mind since I watched the film.

A lo-fi Diana rose shot. Reminds me of this song by Blouse, whose whole album is superb.

These beauties are growing along the side of the road I walk home from the subway. There’s just something about roses. This post inspired by other bloggers’ (better) versions here, here, here, here, and here (always).

Other rosy images to spark the imagination:

JR Furbush

Ye Rin Mok

Dries Van Noten & Miranda Lehman

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