Here come the last of the Thailand archives. Thai Memories, the sequel. I spent just one day in Bangkok, a place I can only describe as nasty-beautiful. I can’t think of another city that can rival Bangkok in number of temples (SO MANY TEMPLES) or in number of sex workers. Simultaneous world capital of piety and kink. And possibly color. BKK, smutty rainbow of devotion. (Sorry guys, no pingpong photos here. Just a whole lotta wats.)

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I read somewhere that regularly recalling precious memories helps keep them crystallized and vivid so you’ll never lose them. It’s been over three months since I returned from Thailand, but I still think about it every day. Those closest to me have heard all the stories (probably too many times), so I’ll just share some photos. For the purpose of preservation, I present my week on the Andaman Sea:

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